(* compulsory fees)

1. PRE-REGISTRATION: Pre-registration at CLIC for next school year can be made at anytime.
Pre-registration does not automatically confer the right to admission, which depends on other things, on the Interview and/or on the student’s academic history (report cards)

2. ENROLLMENT: The definitive enrolment for a new school year should be done in advance during the previous year.
Enrolment with be invoiced with June’s school fees for students passing the year.
Actual students: All students without behaviour problem and that have their current account updated may renew their enrolment in the next school year.

* 3. NORMAL CONDITIONS: Monthly payment should be made by the 8th working day of the month to which the payment refers. Fees for term payments must take place as follows:

• 1st term - by 8th September;
• 2nd term - by 8th December;
• 3rd term - by 8th April;

The single payment of all fees should be made by June 30th or by September 8th, in order to benefit from the corresponding financial discount. When the 8th is not a working day, payment should be made on following working day.

* 4. LATE PAYMENTS: a 5% surcharge will be applied to all the payment made after their due dates, plus interest 1% for each late month. CLIC reserves the right to exclude from enrolment any student for whom school fees are not paid or are continuously late.

* 5. LEAVERS/ABSENTEES: The Educational Guardian is responsible for the full payment of fees for 3 upcoming months after dropout of the academic year in which student is registered. Drop-outs from CLICCLUBS must be communicated to the school in writing one month in advance before 8th.
Failure to do so, obliges payment of full.
Under no circumstances, there will be no discounts for absentees from the school or for absences at any extra services contracted. enrolled.

* 6. AFTER SCHOOL TIME: Only students that are enrolled in after school activities may stay after 4.30pm.
At the end of each day’s classes, students can wait til 4.30pm to be picked up. After this time they must be in supervised situations such as Clicclubs or Study hall allowing them to remain in school until 6.00pm. Students that remain in school repeatedly after school hours, Clicclubs or extended waiting room, are obliged to make payment for after hour supervision service.
Students’ remaining after 6.30pm involves additional cost of €5 for the first 30minutes and €10/day for the following hours.

7. BOOKS AND MANUALS: Upto Form 4, all books are supplied by the school and will be in students possession, except for Portuguese and Estudo do Meio textbooks, all books must be returned by the end of the year. In case they are not returned or are not in good conditions, guardian will be asked to pay for these books.
Form 5 to Form 8, all books and textbooks are supplied by the school and must be returned by the end of the school year.
* From Form 9 to Form 12, books are sold separately. The school will supply the books and guardian will be invoice after students receive and sign out for them.

* 8. UNIFORM: Uniform is compulsory and supplied exclusively by the school.

* 9. EXAMS: From Form 8 onwards, students must sit Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations; these are paid by the Parent/Guardian according to the yearly cost established.

* 10. STUDENT INSURANCE:Student accident insurance is compulsory and is paid at the time of matriculation. Renewal for students continuing in the school must be done in June.

* 11. DAMAGES: The repair of any wilful damages to school property will be paid for by those responsible for the damage.